Foreign Policy

In general, people do not think about how our money system works and how it affects us. Almost all believe what the “experts” state on television or what we read in the newspapers.

We encourage learning the fundamentals concerning our monetary system such as; how money is created, our nations economic system, understanding inflation, and why the middle class and poor lose their purchasing power.

Why is it we cannot afford goods and services such as real food (organic) and health care? What really is inflation and why do those “experts” maintain that we need it? Do you know that all money is loaned into existence and if it was all paid back there would be zero money in circulation? How about our debt based economic system? We are told we have to have perpetual credit expansion or the monetary system will collapse. Did you know that our dollar is only worth four cents and not 100 cents ? Where did that value go? Did you know that the Federal Reserve System is privately owned and has a cartel relationship with our government?

I hope these types of questions interest you because these are a few of the areas we will cover.

We will watch a few short videos, learn some history, check out some charts, discuss and answer questions.

Attend this forum and learn what is a core cause of why Americans are losing their wealth and what we need to do to solve it.


interactive discussion amongst attendees. Possibly some images, charts, and articles projected.