Veteran Showdown was initially developed to address the lack of awareness and involvement in politics. Americans seem to have been convinced that this is an area we should not be discussing seriously. This has proven to be in error. When people are not involved in the political arena, it is opportunistic for some to gain control of our governmental system and procure actions that are not in the best interests of the populace.

We encourage learning fundamentals concerning our monetary system such as; how money is created, our nations economic system, understanding inflation, and why the middle class and poor lose their purchasing power.

Veteran Showdown is considering showcasing subject matter that is not politically orientated but is indirectly related to government. 

Mainstream Media versus the Internet

More news information is available, yet not in the general public.  The mainstream media is not the avenue to receive the wide sources of news and information available, the Internet is. Grassroots media is the provider for content that contributes for knowledge absorption, energizes for research, and stimulates critical thinking skills.

Two of our sources of information transfer are Ultimate Debates and Educating Forums.

Ultimate Debates

Our debate format is designed to provide the widest latitude of point/counterpoint and to showcase the intellectual range of the debaters. Questions are not asked from moderators. Debate challengers construct questions that they themselves ask to their opponent. Our design is to eliminate favoritism from panel moderators and to inspire in-depth topic matter. Questions from the audience to the debaters are included in the format.

Each debate discussion is limited to ten minutes with under or over the time restraint accepted when participants are in agreement for that format. Timekeepers signal the start and end of the discussion.

The Ultimate Debate concentrates on topic substance and on the debaters themselves.  Participants benefit from experiencing our debate format. They learn to communicate their position and maintain composure.  Those in attendance benefit from the subject matter and experience an intellectual level of debating concept.

Ultimate Debates – Honest Representation.

Educating Forums

People learn from books and each other. We need as much information as possible to draw conclusions. Our educating forums are environments that spur interactivity of questions and answers. Our blend of short videos and charts visually enhance the learning experience. This topic substance is simplified to enable the average person to grasp the learning material concepts.

History positions the present into perspective. All of history needs to be accepted and not just parts people choose to. An open mind is the catalyst to enable the research, dissection, and conclude the validation of information. Through this process concentration is focused on finding the core causes of problems,  understanding what their effects are, and establishing solutions.